If you play halo 3 custom games or want to play them add my GT: lil dilzy
Also drop your GT down in the reply section so other people can add/invite you!!

Dom Deluxe

MLG customs?

Me: Eshcka

My Brother: Riconi

We would love to play! And, I was a forge fanatic in Halo 3 (I have good maps).

Hey everyone I still love to play Halo 3 mainly because of the amazing Custom Games! I’m looking for anyone who wants to play, I have a collection of maps I’ve made and I’m looking forward to playing them again. My best maps are Fat Kid maps (which I love to play), but I have other gametypes and maps as well. I’m also up to play your maps too. I’ll play anytime I can, message me and add me as a friend here on Waypoint.

GT: jackboyboy

Played Halo 4 for a bit, now I feel nostalgic so I’d be willing to join you.

gt IZAYA 801.


send me an invite anytime. Dying to play some infection…heh. dying…zombies…get it? never mind.


Down to run any gametype i also have a doubles partner who always plays 3 with me. There are two "W"s in my gt