Halo 3 Custom Games??

Hello Spartans, I am a long time Halo fan and like you, used to spend many hours playing fun custom games with my friends. I no longer have any of the custom games for Halo 3 since they’re all saved on my 360. What I want from you are those custom games! I’m talking about any classic ones or new ones that are fun… Zombie Cannon, Old People, Sharks and guppies, Duck Hunt, Obstacle courses, race tracks, etc… I urge you to add and message me on Xbox One: DustyGoldFlakes. I still play halo daily and would love some of the old game types and people to play with. Thanks!

Honestly, your best bet is to play Halo 3 matchmaking for a few games then go back and look at all the file shares from the people you played with and against then save anything they might have there.