Halo 3 Custom Games[Looking for People]

I’m looking for more people who are interested in playing old school halo cust games again, like FatKid/Omega Journey/Halo on Halo/Jenga/Hide and Seek/Predator and so on. also looking for people who enjoy custom games/ MLG lobbies 3v3 4v4, and Br/Snipes FFAs for fun.

If I get enough members, I will be recording these matches for Youtube and Streaming them on either Mixer/Twitch.

Leave your Gamertag below


I’ll play H2 customs.

I’ll play any of those gametypes, GT: CF Siesta


I’m looking for custom games and just to play the old halo days with anyone Gamertag : KingAitchison

I know I’m a few months late but if anyones still playing custom games add me! Gt is BigMeatieClaws

I’ll play custom games gamer tag is mihoo742

Add me and let’s play!!!

Gamertag: Th3b1ackmamba8

i hope im not too late I really want to play

GT: Cakes mA

I’ll be getting an xbox again in a couple weeks. I’m def down for some customs. Anyone feel free to add me.

We literally have custom games going every night.
MG Eclipse

Members only but your free to join us.

I’m down for some customs.

GT: Jerkwitz


Kristo Rails

I want to play! GT: SketchyARTemis

I’ll play

Omggg im like two years late but I just got my xbox, I love custom games add me so we can play pls also I need some help on how to make custom games im lost with everything please help! Lol much love Tyrotoxism1501