Halo 3 custom games/Forge spawning issue.

I created a map and infection game mode that work on halo 3. When I recreated them on halo 3 MCC the spawns would not work for infection even when I set them to attacker and defender. I would only spawn in the default spawn areas. I then tried other game modes (CTF, Odd Ball) which led to the same conclusion. It does not allow you to choose the game type in halo 3 forge like it does on halo 2 and 4. Finally there are no items located in the goal section in halo 3 forge.

Yeah this needs to be fixed since Halo 3 custom games is a huge part of Halo in general and it would ruin the game for me and a lot of others if this problem continues also LET US PROMOTE LEADERS!

I have downloaded multiple halo 3 maps and game modes that work great and the spawns function like they should. However when I make maps and set the spawns just like the maps I downloaded they don’t work and I still spawn in default spawns is there something I am missing or is this just an issue. If it is just an issue how are some people making maps with spawns that work???

Miss the awesome customs from Halo 3. I’d be forging a lot more if features weren’t broken.