Halo 3 Custom Game!! Message/Reply if inte...

I’m not sure if this has been done before, but I thought of it and it seemed really fun.

Ok, so here’s the idea: Go on halo 3 custom games and set up teams of 3 or more. Each team has an elephant and its mongoose, 2 turrets, and their weapons. You must stay on the elephant unless on YOUR mongoose. Set respawn points on the elephant so if you die you respawn. If the driver is killed, he may not return to the vehicle. Another player must take his spot. Once every player on one team is dead an off the elephant, the other team has won.

If you like the idea or have a suggestion for the idea, please leave a comment. If someone has done this before, comment how it went and if kit was fun.

if you want to play and have other people who want to, message me at: TheJamison3 on xbox or leave your gamertag below in the comments.

If you happen to read the post and reply, thanks for the support. I will add a poll to see who is interested, not interested, or would suggest a rule change.