Halo 3 control bug: reload left weapon

so playing on mouse and keyboard, theres a lot of weird things with the key bindings, but I’ve discovered something extra peculiar about them just recently in halo 3, where the reload buttons became seperated into left and right. (as opposed to reloading both weapons with the same button in halo 2)

on controller, you can reload by tapping the same button you hold to dual wield a weapon. nice and intuitive, makes sense, efficient use of the limited buttons, but this changes on mouse and keyboard, presumably, as you can see a seperate keybind in the settings to reload off hand weapon, and it CAN NOT be bound to the same button as dual wield weapon.

Here’s the weird part though…it doesn’t actually change…technically. The “dual wield” key binding WILL also reload your off hand weapon…but only if you hold it, just like you do when you pick up a weapon. This gets annoying when you’re trying to reload the off hand while standing on top of a dead grunt who had a plasma pistol.

Please 343, I can’t find a comfortable button to bind “reload off hand” to besides the button I already have bound to “Dual Wield”. Just make 1 very simple change. Make that dual wield button reload on a button tap rather than needing to hold it down. Having a FPS on pc with weird, uncomfortable keybindings isn’t good. As much as I LOVE all the updates MCC has gotten, I think a VERY important aspect that needs to be done right in MCC has been forgotten, and that’s having comfortable mouse and keyboard controls. There’s also the matter of the “vehicle function x” category in the bindings being incredibly awkward in all MCC games, but I understand that would probably be more complicated to fix than “changing a hold prompt to a tap prompt”, and the payoff/effort of fixing it is a lot more worthwhile