Halo 3 Classic Playlist

I have been surveying players who have been playing the Halo 3 Classic playlist lately and many agree that they prefer the gameplay much more than the Halo 5 default gameplay. So I was wondering what does the Waypoint community think? I have had a blast in the playlist since it has released, and feel it is a breath of freah air.

Edit: So it seems after some time that there is a heathy mixture of positive opinions about the playlist, possibly with slightly more preferring the Halo 3 playlist over the H5 gameplay. The best part is the level of maturity in here.

I still prefer Halo5s gameplay.

I’m going to agree with the Edgehog. I prefer H5’s gameplay.

The H3 gameplay is good for nostalgia, but it honestly doesn’t age well once you take off the goggles.

I prefer halo 5.
I loved the older titles more but playing halo 5 I can’t go back. It’s too slow for me

I like the older gameplay. If they upped the movement speed a little bit and modified the weapons, it would be a great playlist. I also feel like the strafing is better in this playlist than default H5 where I have to rely on thrust the majority of the time.

I think halo 5 gameplay is better. I mean, halo 3 playlist is an awesome mode and I’ld love if it stays, but it’s more than anything to remember those good time. Not to take off everything halo five and 4 have settled like sprinting. Halo 5 controls are more dynamic.

I much prefer classic gameplay, but many things about the Throwback playlist just don’t mesh well with the game, as every facet of it was designed around enhanced mobility. Still, Throwback is my favorite playlist. It’s nice to be able to shoot and move at full speed.

I honestly prefer the Halo 3 gameplay. Halo 5 is just too fast for me. I enjoy the slower pace of older Halo games.

I know others enjoy it being faster too, and that’s great they can enjoy something I can’t.

I really hope Halo 6 is a better mix of the two (Halo 3 and Halo 5). Sounds impossible but I think it can be done.

If the H3 Classic Playlist was a permanent playlist in H5, I’d be happy. Having the option to choose between both “H5” and “H3 Classic” would be great.

Classic is better by far. The classic playlist still isn’t perfect, since we still have H5’s ridiculous laser-accurate weapons to deal with, but it’s a far better experience than default H5.

Of course, I feel I should mention that I like default H5, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to classic Halo.

Honestly, I like the classic playlist a lot, but I also think that if every game were like that, it’d get stale fast. I honestly like Halo 5’s gameplay because it still feels like a Halo game, but it’s still different. The core elements are all still there. I’m still in favor of keeping it as a permanent social, along with a Halo 2 throwback and a proper CE throwback.

Both are great, if you want to be more tactical, you can play the H3 Playlist, but if you need that adrenaline shot up your body, the H5 gameplay is perfect.