Halo 3 Campaign the funniest!

Hey ppl,

I’m playing the halo 3 Campaign at the moment and have realised it’s possibly the funniest, the grunts say loads of funny stuff like “you killed my brother” plus they speak in English alot more along with the brutes plus the marines are hilarious for example near the beginning of the second mission I found a guy banging on a door asking to come in and the marine on the other side is asking for a password that they only just came up with 15 min ago at a staff meeting that no one else ws there for it seems to me that you just don’t get that level of funny in the rest of the campaigns.

What do you guys think?

That’s awesome. I wish I found it. The only things I’ve seen is a Brute peeing against a wall (I know, it’s quite a strange easter egg) and I also found funny dialogue.
Arbiter: We must hurry. The Brutes have our scent.
Sergeant Johnson: Then they must LOVE the smell of Bulgaria. Yeah? I’m doing a little product placement. I need to get paid too, you know!