Halo 3 - Beat Campaign on Legendary - No pin?

I recently beat the Campaign on Halo 3 on Legendary. I did 4 missions Solo (including 'Arrival) and the rest I did Co-Op.

I skipped some missions and went back to them.

My player card for campaign is still the faded Legendary shield, when it shouldn’t be faded anymore. (since I beat the campaign)

The faded Legendary shield obviously means that the player is WORKING on Legendary, but I beat mine on Legendary… And it’s still faded.

I even have all the achievements for completing every mission. I also have the EOD armor that you only unlock after beating Legendary, and I have the achievement for beating the campaign on Legendary.

My only problem is that the pin for beating the campaign on Legendary is not on my service record.

I DID the starting mission on Arrival.

Thanks! Please help me :slight_smile:

Support for Halo 3 stats (and probably the Service Record) ended in March 2012. It’s probably going to be stuck like that forever.