Halo 3 ban

Just wanted to make a post about me getting banned :confused: I am a big halo fan and have been playing for many years now. I occasionally play halo 3 now and then. And anyone know still plays halo 3 in 2013 knows that there a lot of cheaters in the game. I was playing the MLG playlist and this playlist probably has the most cheaters in it because it was the most important one to get a 50 in back in the day. I played a lot of games over the last few days and of course have been “hit offline” a few times and my team has been hit off too. The thing that gets me is that “I” was banned from the game when I did nothing wrong. I guess I played with so many cheaters that my account was banned unjustly. I don’t really know how to contact 343 but if anyone knows a better way to contact them, it would be greatly appreciated if you could inform me :slight_smile:

ive tried searching MLG everyday and have NEVER found a game, kind of hard to believe u got lucky enough to find a game…

343 didnt ban u, microsoft did so call those guys. and IF u teamed up with cheaters u deserve to stay banned

really? microsoft applys bans to halo 3? and it is quite easy to find games in MLG but most players who play it are high forties or fiftys. And I didn’t party up with anyone, people just host boot people out of the game :confused:

yea bungie isnt affiliated with halo anymore. try calling xbox live also,

hope u get the issue resolved

Alright man I really appreciate the help :slight_smile: you sure 343 wouldn’t been in control of the bans though? :confused:

just wanna make 110% sure :confused:

yea try calling them and see what they can do