Halo 3 Backwards Compatibility

343/microsoft outdid themselves once again. No release date, delayed and put off for months even years. Then all of a sudden at the worst possible time they drop backwards compatibility for the underappreciated and ignored halo 3 at the exact same time that destiny 2 is dropping and nba 2k. And no announcment? Not a word anywhere just all of a sudden it’s backwards compatibe with a fraction of the population it could of had. Don’t kid yourselves this was set up and purposely botched by the money hungry greedy mega corp we call microsoft. Just shows how much they really care about and appreciate there loyal classic halo fans. Halo has gone completely down hill in the wrong direction, thanks to this greedy behavior. Thanks alot.

Not too mention halo 3 was the biggest game on xbox 360 by far. The fact that they wouldn’t even do a thing for it on it’s anniversary is beyond me. But hey I guess these pigs just want more and more money to wipe there -Yoinks!- with. So were stuck playing noob catering souless armor ability Halo Cod which literally has no replay-ability whatsoever. But yeah as long as there game looks epic at e3 that’s all that matters right?

At least halo 3 is back compatible now.

There was a big announcement - on Waypoint, Twitter, Facebook, Xbox Wire and they also had big live stream on Halo 3’s birthday with the Halo 3 throwback playlist.