halo 3 backwards compatibility

Is Halo 3 going to be backwards compatibility for the xbox one? Beause I love the main halo 3 game, i don’t hate the MCC but to be honest it’s not going to be better than the original version of halo 3… The Original offers us better skill GAP/and a better matchmaking than the MCC has to offer… I haven’t played MCC often because of those issues, matches aren’t even/there’s no ranked Big team battle and it just got boring to me and i’ve moved on to other titles and games… I have played Halo 5 but it isn’t as great as Halo 3 and Reach!! :frowning:

All we can do is wait and see what the next wave of BC games bring us really…

I hope they make Halo 3 backwards compatible too. The original is a lot better than The MCC version.