Halo 3 armor unlock system for MCC on PC

One of the best parts of showing off my Hayabusa armor back in the day on 360 was because I knew where all the skulls were and earned the achievements to get the armor pieces. Same with Halo Reach and its original credit system. What a great way to feel like I earned the armor I felt so proud to show off in multiplayer games (side note bring back the map veto system for multiplayer) All i’m trying to say is that I am really bummed out that I don’t have to work towards the way my Spartan looks in Halo 3 on MCC for PC. I feel like you’re really messing up by not including the dynamic of achieving the way your Spartan looks in this game. and I have to say the battle pass system is no good system for unlocking armor customization, at all. I love you 343 but please just hear me out.

I feel as though that this is one of those touchy subjects; one that has a great many players on both sides of the fence. Originally, there was an outcry from a good majority of the community about 343i’s decision to have everything unlocked from the get-go. However, I feel as though there would be another outcry if everything in Halo 3 was suddenly locked after six years of it being available.

It would be nice, but there will be a lot of indignation from people from the old school, but I just assume, perhaps as CE in the future will add current armor but this is not accurate