Halo 3 Anniversary?

I know there is probably a million threads on this but who all wants a Halo 3 Anniversary? I honestly would love it if they came out with it and finish the trilogy, especially since its probably my favourite one of the series.


I’m not sure it would have a lot to offer in the way of graphics compared to Halo 3. Whereas the graphics jump from Halo CE to Halo: CE Anniversary was huge.

That said, I think they should do it just to be consistent. They have anniversary editions for 1 and 2, so they should have one for 3. (And then stop there).

I’m a part of the minority that doesn’t want it. As much fun as it would be to have dedicated multiplayer on Halo 3, I just don’t want to see the last game in the classic trilogy tampered with. I still love the way the graphics look with it’s classic artstyle, the way the weapons sound, and the fact that it’s the last game in the trilogy to feature Marty’s score.