Halo 3: Anniversary

Please, please Halo community, we need to let 343 know that a pretty big portion of us want a quality Halo 3A. The MCC version is amazing and comes with all of the thanks in the world, but Halo 2A is breath taking. The art design, the improvements, the sound…I lets me remember what an amazing achievement Halo 2 is and shows me just how relevant it still is to the art of the industry. Halo 3 came at a time when Xbox Live exploded into the modern era of gaming. Sharing and connecting was the way to play and Halo 3 was the perfect catalyst to usher in this new wave. As a dedicated, loving Halo fan, I beg for a Halo 3: Anniversary, one that can build the bridges that the MCC may have slacked on in some areas. I beg for a complete remaster of all the maps, forge, and more. One more Anniversary 343 of a truly spell binding game for my sake, and the pleasure of so many fans around the world that once played the most populated game on the Xbox 360.

Yes me too, a H3 anniversary sounds awesome but I hope it’s a stand alone game with actual working game servers.