Halo 3 anniversary?

After seeing how you handled Halo 2 anniversary, will yo be doing a Halo 3 anniversary for xbox one? I hope so. That would, in my opinion, be a beautiful remastering. I only hope that you would use the same style rhat you did with Halo 2 anniversary. I love these new anniversary editions. Please make this a thing.

I would love to see it. They could really make it a fantastic game

yeah. halo 3 anniversary. that would be cool.

Would you like it with their current art style (mark VI gen 1 spnkr and halo 2 battle rifle and projection smg) with classic hud nd smart link or like they did with Halo 2 anniversary? Note that you could always go back to halo 3 graphics.

I’d love to see it get the same full treatment that 1 and 2 got. Those cutscenes from 2 mindblowing.

Yay, just what I want, 343 rehashing another game with pretty graphics.

Eventually we will have a halo game for each year of the decade and just have an infinite occurrence of anniversaries with no room for more games :stuck_out_tongue: We have SOOO many events and possible events in Halo that could be games. Can we just keep to that.

On a less salty note I doubt it. Halo annivesiary was to allow xbox 360 gamers to play the orginal halo with full support instead of just a basic port. MCC was just to get all Halo games (lets face it, if ODST hadn`t come out via MCC it would have come out with Reach) on Xbox one or Xbox one backwards compatibility. I doubt we will see a 3A, after all MCC already has that.

No Halo Two aniversary was enough

They better make a Halo 3 Anniversary!

I hope they will make it

Yup I hope to.

I want Halo 6 rather than Halo 3A because Halo 3’s graphics isn’t bad on any level and Halo 5 could have been much better in form of campain. But having Halo 3 with 1080p graphics 60fps… My dream would come true I guess.

Mingippen, Halo 3 remaster wouldn’t be just 343 working on it alone. they would hire other developers to help them as 343 looks it over. Just like they did with MCC while 343 was working on Halo 5. it wouldn’t hurt 343 a bit. and I would love to see a H3 anniversary. I’m sorry but H3 deserves it. also it will be 3 years after MCC which i think is long enough apart to do something like that. It wouldn’t hurt 343 to do so. I would buy it in a heart beat.

Do not think I need to remaster ‘Halo 3’, I think you do not need, it is better as it is.