Halo 3 Anniversary Update

As a long time fan of Halo series and with the 10 year anniversary of Halo 3 having come and just gone I have a suggestion to make. With the renewed focus on carrying the MCC into the future of Xbox the possibility has been opened to do an anniversary DLC patch to Halo 3. I know that Halo 3 is already in HD and runs pretty smooth (campaign wise) but Halo 1-2 look amazing with their detail overhauls. I do not think it should be free, Blur Studios have to be payed after all, optional DLC is a good option, and it might sell more copies of the MCC to fans of Halo 3. I am aware that 343i monitor the forums they could do a poll to see how many are favorable to spend money on a DLC and determine if its financially a good move.
This is just a suggestion,
Thanks 343i for your support of the MCC

Make halo 3 anniversary.

Don’t make it part of MCC.

I would like to see halo 3 anniversary done correctly considering H2A got robbed out of map selection and playlists in MCC.

He OP, there’s already a thread bout this here: