Halo 3 Anniversary Suggestions

We are one year away from Halo 3’s anniversary, the game is most likely being made and should be made as long as 343 can add more things to Halo 3 Anniversary.

Here is a video by Teh Spearhead who makes really good suggestions, that I think, most people would agree with.

On top of the suggestion Teh Spearhead has made, I have some good ones myself to add onto.

Forge mode: The Halo 5 forge mode is amazing but its very complicated, I personally don’t like it, but I do love the community having it in their tool kit to create amazing maps and prefabs. I suggest 343 imports the Halo 5 forge into Halo 3 anniversary and call it “Developer”, this mode can be switched with the “Classic” mode (Regular halo 3 forge mode for people who love simplicity, like myself). You can switch between modes in the pause menu. The developer mode will include more complex forge options/controls just like halo 5, and will even include prefabs and maybe even more forge objects. The classic mode on the other spectrum will be a very simplistic and a carbon copy of the original halo 3 forge mode.

Firefight: I think 343 should just try to replicate the firefight from Halo Reach, ex: giving players options and control with firefight, amount of rounds, stats, enemies, classic firefight option. 343 can use the multiplayer maps as the firefight maps (imagine fighting the covies on sandtrap!!!) they can also use major/grand areas from the campaign as firefight maps, like the scarab encounter on the Ark!!! Hell, they can even try throwing scarabs into firefight! That would be amazing. Also the flood, that would the best halo ever, I’m getting too excited. Anyways, all 343 would have to do is set certain weapons/vehicles spawns on maps, add/redesign maps a little for AI pathing and cover. And just add some destructible phantoms that drop enemies, flood can fall down in drop pods, like in that last mission, or have them crawl in through cracks in the walls before the round begins. Shouldn’t be too hard to create firefight.

Cosmetics: They should indeed add more armors, to both the spartans and elites, bring some armors from other halos, like reach. They should add a bit more emblems, and colors too.

File share: Import the halo 5 file share to Halo 3 anniversary, because its better, and the ability to share screenshots/gameclips that can be made in an improved theater mode.

Achievements: They could add more achievements, terminals too.

Performance: Cinematic feel for the campaign, and a high/stable FPS for multiplayer. Just like you mentioned, servers for online campaign, firefight, and multiplayer.

Maps: Remaster all the maps and dont forget all the DLC ones too.

All these new additions should make Halo 3 anniversary better than Halo 3, I’d pay up in an instant for all this new content and all the nostalgic feels. I wish 343 sees all these suggestion because they can truly make Halo 3 anniversary INCREDIBLE.
I encourage all of you guys to leave comments and more suggestion to grab 343’s attention!

Have a good day!