Halo 3 and Reach vs Halo 5

Don’t forget about the past halos’ so play on matchmaking once and awhile. Rumble pit and team slayers and big team. DON"T FORGET ABOUT ALL THE COOL STUFF (well maybe except armor lock).

Halo 3 for matchmaking, Reach for custom games.

Kings in their respective categories.

Are you purposely trying to make Halo 5 look bad? I mean, you’re making comparison between a controversial Halo game and a fan-favorite one. Obviously most people will pick Halo 3, including myself.

Reach is pretty bad, though.

All three of them are really different. All brought good and bad changes. All even play differently. So how about just play the Halo you like and leave it at that?

People will play what they want to play.