Halo 3 and ODST Recon

This is more of a question regarding the reintroduction of the vidmaster challeges and an unlockable recon armor. My question simply is this: will they be reintroduced as the only method of getting recon in Halo 3 like they were back during the release now that both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST are backwards compatible?

Thank you!

Bungie essentially gave Recon away to every Halo 3 player on 03/29/2012 before they handed off Halo to 343i. They did this because traditionally, you needed to go to your B.net account and click “unlock my Recon” after completing all the Vidmaster challenges. Obviously when support for Halo 3 moved to 343i, going to B.net would no longer connect you to Halo. They anticipated this and gave Recon to all Halo 3 players; at least, all active Halo 3 players. If you don’t have Recon available in Halo 3, I’m not sure if you ever will. The backwards compatibility of these games does not mean they’ll be supported with anything beyond functioning servers and matchmaking (for the games that have online multiplayer, that is).

That said, the only reason I would see that you don’t have Recon in Halo 3 is that you didn’t have a Halo 3 account back in 2012. Like, if you did, then it should have just become available for use. Same with the blue Eternal flames in Halo Reach.

Adding to the above, 343 gave away Recon in a few ways to active players. The last time this was possible I believe was back in 2014 - those services have since been retired and there is now no longer any way to unlock Recon (including Vidmasters). If you didn’t earn it or weren’t part of the unlock waves, you won’t be able to get it i’m afraid