Halo 3 and ODST console flighting bug list.

This is a place to report bugs and anything else that needs to be noted during the console flighting.

I will be adding to it over time until the flighting is finished.

Please reply with a comment telling us of any bugs you encounter during gameplay.

  • Weapon skins in Halo 3 suddenly reset to default once the player picks up active camo, but will revert back to the selected skin once camo has worn off. - The automag pistol is pulled in too close to the first person camera, no other bugs known atm.

My game crashes when I load it. Haven’t got past the start menu

I have a few.

  1. In Halo 3, selected visors reset to default upon death, players respawn with their selected visor.

  2. The SOCOM Magnum doesn’t fire as fast as it should in Halo 3, unless this was intentional. Cannot be dual wielded.

  3. The Brute Plasma Rifle overheats too fast compared to the regular Plasma Rifle. Can’t fire for more than what seems to be two seconds before overheating.

  4. The M7S SMG in Halo 3 can’t be dual wielded. Unless intentional, I can’t find a reason it shouldn’t be.

  5. In ODST firefight, Phantom turrets are tucked into the nose and do not have animation, the plasma bolts however still track you as normal.

  6. In ODST firefight, Covenant vehicles spawn from the Phantoms, instead of being carried and dropped, at least in Matchmaking. Custom Firefight works as intended. It’s odd.

  7. In ODST firefight, Drones can sometimes fly in a standing animation, instead of being curled up as normal. The wings still animate as normal, and this seems to only be in Matchmaking.

  8. Johnson’s chestplate glows a neon green color, with no known source. Possibly related with emblems as they appeared on the chestplates originally. Color changing doesn’t effect this in anyway.

  9. Bug Buck and Injured Romeo cannot be used after unlocking them. I wanted to use Bug Buck but the game was like “Nah. They stay locked.” :frowning:

On Coastal Highway, covenant vehicles and random scenery objects are either partially or completely pitch black.

For bug reporting on Insider builds, please refer to your flighting messages for information on how to post bug reports.
<mark>Please do not post bug reports here on the forums</mark> and be sure read the known issues list first before reporting anything.