Halo 3/4 Machinima Idea

Hey guys, I was thinking of ideas for a Machinima, and wanted to know what people think. It would start in Halo 3 (I prefer the way 3 looks over Reach) and carry over to Halo 4. Check it: 2 teams of Spartans (4v4) are experimenting with a War Games prototype. Red Team seeks out Blue Team, and finds them all dead (the teams weren’t using live rounds, so this is odd.) Red Team is then informed that a few Elites (not sure how many yet) somehow got into the area where the War Games experiment is taking place, and were the ones who killed Blue Team (I haven’t thought of how they get in yet :P) and the series continues from there. It’s not a full plot idea yet, but I thought it could be an interesting idea once I finalize it.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. But if you read it, please tell me your opinion: I’d really appreciate it :smiley:

I don’t know if “live rounds” was the right term, if it wasn’t I just mean “real ammunition” :slight_smile: