Halo 3 360 MLG Communitytage Clip Submission

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Hello everybody, my names Ryan aka Nayr. I’m wanting to make a 100% MLG Communitytage for Halo 3 360. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while now and I think it’ll be a amazing experience for me to edit. I have a couple of peoples clips already but I need A LOT more clips. THIS IS ONLY FOR H3 360 MLG CLIPS ONLY, I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING H3 MCC HC CLIPS. As for the clips go, I’m wanting only MLG clips (no social/no MLG ffa clips), you can message my GT: flo is not str8. This will be the GT that I will be accepting clips from. Put the clip(s) you’re wanting to use in your H3 fileshare and then recommend me the clips so then I can download the clips from your H3 fileshare. Also one last thing, be sure to tell me what country you’re from and what you want your alias to be, do not forget to include that when you’re submitting you clips. If you know for sure you have clips in your H3 fileshare then message me on here telling me that you have clips and which clips you want me to download (again be sure to tell me what country you’re from and what you’d your alias to be in the video). I think that’s it, thanks for reading and hopefully we can make this one of the best/last H3 MLG communitytages of H3. If you have any questions then DM me on twitter @StaYn_Nayr or DM me on here.
-StaYn Nayr