Halo 2's E3 Vs. Halo 4's

Halo 2’s presentation:




Halo 4’s




I like how they showed off the game in-depth in the Halo 2 E3. It was much more clear what was happening instead of guessing in H4 E3 presentation.

H2’s E3 was better.

At first, H4’s campaign demo looked like it was done without wires. Then we see other, different videos of the demo emerge and at a lot of moments, the same thing is happening.

Either the people playing were instructed to do a specific action or that is a lot of scripting being used. People often got hit by the zig zagging Knight before they zoomed in on him and shot him in the head…

Halo 2’s E3. There is nothing that can beat the amount of sheer awesomeness that video produced.

I think Halo 2’s E3 was one of the best presentations ever. I think nearly everyone was hyped for Halo 2 when we saw it.

Then we were like, “uh, where’s the E3 level?” when we got the game. Oh well. But looking back I think to myself if I had played the demo and had no strict instruction of where to go and what to do I’d have no idea what I’d be doing. Also, does anyone ever notice that during the Warthog part they’re practically driving in circles (big hint, they go past the medtents Chief walks past at the start)

Here’s an interesting article about Halo 2’s development with comments from some of the “well known” Bungie employees. Well worth the read.