Halo 2A & Halo CEA Campaign-Like Multiplayer

You know, the same games but with the campaign graphics, art style, and gameplay but applied to multiplayer. I would love to see that happen in the future. I mean sure, there are modders out there who tried to do their best in creating the multiplayer experience with the campaign graphics, and hats off to them without question. But I’m talking about 343 Industries doing it themselves officially and adding those things to the collection. They don’t even need to delete the already existing classic Halo 2 and CE either. They can just let them stay there like the other titles.

What to you guys think? Will you enjoy and appreciate an update like that for MCC?


Even if it was the old assets but the new lighting engine, it could be really neat. I wonder if it’s more difficult, considering they chose to remake the multiplayer in newer engines rather than enhance the graphics.