Halo 2A Achievements

I think I will try for the rest of my life to get the 100 Environment kills. Splatter kills are equally hard to get. (Both around 30 now), it is a lesson in patience to get the right maps.

Maybe anyone of you have any tips how that can be a bit more easily accessible?

I usually search 4x4 games with most gamemodes activated. Only Halo 2 Anniversary of course.

The fastest game mode is H2A Swat, although oddball might not be a bad option either. In Swat you need to get lockdown and take advantage of every icicle and fusion coil. The main fusion coils i shoot are the ones on sniper ramp, the single coil in library, and occasional the two on top of BR. A trick you can do with the sniper coils, is if you shoot the right most coil, it will launch the others down the ramp and kill anyone right at the corner.

The downside of Swat is that Lockdown is the only map you can grind the achievement on. Oddball has another map with coils, but it’s harder to get the kill on a shielded opponent.

You can try to find others and boost the achievement in Swat. Have to queue at the same time and hope the map is lockdown. I’ve helped out a few folks in matchmaking who asked for help on lockdown.


Your best bet for the environmentalist medals is Lockdown, yeah. Swat gives you the advantage of having no shields so they’ll be instantly killed not only from the icicles, but from the coils around the map (an explosion from a coil won’t kill you at full shields, unless it’s that row of three coils on the top of one of the towers that people like to snipe from).

Also, King of the Hill on Lockdown is great for environmentalists, got 9 of them during a game the other night. Two of the possible hill locations are right under icicles, so if you wait for the enemy team to go into the hill, they’re super easy targets if the icicles are around. Territories to an extent also gives you a decent chance at the medals, one of the territories is right under an icicle, so if an enemy team is trying to gain or defend that territory you can get an easy kill right there.

The splatter one is a lot trickier, your best bet I think is the Banshee in Zenith (which accounted for nearly all of my splatter medals when I got this achievement), you can use the turbo boost to fly into people and splatter them. As long as it’s not Battle Rifle Slayer you should be able to get a decent amount of splatters (since the entire enemy team won’t be honing in on you), having a game like King of the Hill or Territories again also helps, as the enemy team may be hanging out at a hill or a territory in the center of the map. With some luck you’ll be on the red team, which always starts the map at the area where the Banshee is, so you can get into the Banshee right out of the gate.

There’s also this one Skyward-based map that’s fairly open and has Warthogs and Ghosts, it doesn’t come up often but you can take advantage of the vehicles there (and turbo boosting with the Ghosts) to try and splatter people. Also, sometimes the icicle kills on Lockdown will register as splatters, so you may get a little help there. Not sure why the come up as splatters sometimes, maybe the angle it hits the player at or something?

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As the above posters said, that’s pretty much the way to go about getting it. The biggest issue seems to be finding games in the first place in H2A matchmaking. At least in slayer/auto slayer/King/oddball playlists that I’ve been searching recently. Searching just oddball brings the total amount of possible maps down to 4 but it seems to be unpopulated as I’m searching it now. I didn’t even think of trying swat, that might let you find games faster.

As for splatters yes the icicles grant them once in a while but you can always search BTB, always plentiful vehicles in those game types. If you get Zanzibar or whatever iteration of it is in H2A, there are a lot of fusion coils scattered around there too.

I only have 9 more of the environmentalists to get, so I’ll be searching those playlists for a little while longer - if I see you in-game I’ll gladly help you knock some of them out

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Thanks so much for all the tips, much appreciated. :blush:

These are by far the longest achievements I ever tried to get and I already have 1000+ hours in MCC. But I am also still only in season 4 of the unlockable stuff and it will be a while until I reach season 8 and that sick new helmets.

And I think it will still be a while since Infinite is in a better state, will check that later for the Winter Contingency event. But it’s nice to always have MCC to get back to.

Don’t worry about any of that unlockable stuff, none of it actually does anything or will enhance your gameplay in any way. It can all safely be ignored. I haven’t bothered to unlock any of it and I have no problems killing anyone. Do you have the LASO achievements done yet? Those are by far the hardest

I see what you mean. I just like it, to go up a rank and get stuff.

LASO is also on my list to do. Just haven’t found the time yet.

There’s no stuff to be had, none of any of that will affect your gameplay experience. I’m searching now, are you too?

Finished this one tonight, I got lucky and matched against fairly clueless opponents on lockdown. My best advice to you is to attempt to make the best possible use of the icicles, the fusion cores at snipe, and also the fusion cores on the base opposite snipe. These are your best chances at getting the medal and advancing the achievement. I happened to be on red team for my last 6 lockdown games so what I did was immediately shoot down the icicle over BR spawn and I then valiantly attempted to gauge my opponents’ time to get to low snipe spawn to shoot down the icicle there. As I was doing that I also looked to see if any of them took the lift and were headed towards center so I could make use of that icicle. I failed at both of these initial attempts ever time but got a double environmentalist by shooting the rightmost coil at snipe when I saw one venture into my admittedly shameful crouching position across the way at big base. Two minutes later when the icicles respawned I was also shamefully crouching across from the fusion coils on big base and when my radar showed an enemy walking towards me I hoped that he didn’t see me and kept walking forward as I shot the icicle down…luckily for me it worked. Only thing you can do is keep searching H2A and try to maximize your possible environmentalist attempts

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A lot of great tips here. Thanks again. I will see if I find some time in the next days to grind for these.

One way I’ve heard of people getting the environmentalist kills is go into FFA with a friend or 2 that has multiple controllers and sign in guests. Then you try and get lockdown with the ice pillars and just stack them all underneath each one so it would give you about 7 or so kills each pillar. I don’t know if that would have been patched by now but I think that would be the easiest way to get it.

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This would be the best option if you can do it. I suffered through this one and the splatter one because I search alone. If you can rally up friends with extra controllers, that’s the way to go for both of those

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Have you had any luck with these?

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I got 3 environmentalist kills yesterday in one game.

Found a guy online who wants to boost these H2A achievements. We have 6 controllers and just need 1 person with 2 controllers. If anyone wants to boost these or other achievements, my GT is flowterspace

Hey I can fill that role. I actually have 3 controllers if an extra is needed at any time. I’d love to get these nuisance H2A multiplayer achievements out of the way.

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If this doesn’t work out for you I may be able to get my brother to assist at some point. He tells me he doesn’t care about these H2A achievements but after we get all the LASO ones done I’m sure he will change his mind.

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Yoo, thanks to both of you. I will talk to the other guy and will come back to you in the next days.

Disclaimer: I am deaf and can only communicate via texts.

Much love to ya all


It’s all good, my brother who claims he has no interest in this one and also the splatter one will change his mind after we complete all the LASO ones and has only these remaining. We are currently going sequentially through the games and are on The Storm, so maybe at this rate next month he will have changed his mind.

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