Halo, 20 years in the making: Evolved but in reverse

Halo CE released, me playing coop, “this is awesome, too bad I can’t change the color of my Spartan to distinguish between the two.” Halo 2, playing as Arbiter in coop, “this makes sense and is relevant to the story and I’m glad we are different.” Halo 3, playing coop after having read Halo novels, “playing as the Arbiter and other Elites makes sense, but it sure would be cool if we could play as blue team though.” Playing Halo Reach, “Yes! Yes! After all these years they finally gave us what we want, custom different Spartans in the campaign coop!” Playing Halo 4, “two Masterchiefs again? Oh well, Spartan Ops missions are pretty cool and fill the void.” Halo 5, never bought it because they rejected split screen. Halo infinite, no split screen, yet, back to multiple Masterchiefs… “uh what!?”

Bungie makes Halo Reach, drops mic. Then makes Destiny where you can design your character from scratch and is highly successful. Meanwhile 343 after seeing the massive success of Reach, “you know what Halo needs, much more Masterchief put him in everything.”

How can it be 20 years later and I’m still like, “wish I could change my Spartans color to distinguish them”?

Destiny isn’t succesful just because it lets youdesign your character. ( I even find most of the armor very ugly) Anyway, this is a very minor problem compared to other issues

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Yes i know. Im just pointing out that apparently bungie makes good decisions, while 343 does not.

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It’s pretty damn dumb after all these years 343 still don’t have a clue on what makes a Halo game, and because they don’t it’s why infinite is a flop, the worst to date.

All 343 had to do was learn from the previous titles, and I’m sure things would have been better off. There is one thing that Bungie had at that time that majorly stands out vs 343 Halo games, and that is that Bungie was consistent on moving the game forward. 343 is all over the damn place with every title that they have made that there is no consistency at all with their Halo games.

Each one is completely different, leaving the player base disconnected from the game.

I can show you more than 10 reasons of why HI is a rather inferior game compared to the first trilogy’s games, but I really didn’t ever think of MC’s color ruining my satisfaction in co-op.

True that. I only didn’t like that they removed the fall damage.

I hear what you’re saying, but obviously character cosmetics matter. The entire paying for a battle pass and shop is based off of character esthetics and design. People pay absurds amount of money for this basic feature. So it’s definitely relevant.

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Evolved but in reverse

You mean devolved?

Yes, it was a play on a meme.

You should have named it Combat Devolved then :wink: