halo 2

2nd best halo ever

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> 2nd best halo ever

Best game sequel everrrr

yeah I have really enjoyed getting to play the game again it’s been a while

I personally like H2 the best followed by CE then 3. I do not like H4 or reach at all. Unfortunately H2A feels alot like 4 =[

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> I personally like H2 the best followed by CE then 3. I do not like H4 or reach at all. Unfortunately H2A feels alot like 4 =[

I personally think, story-wise, Halo: CE is the best. If we are judging solely by multiplayer, Halo 2 is the best in my humble opinion. :smiley:

alguien juega halo 2 en pc?

people to play halo 2 on pc?

halo 2

I still own the original Halo 2 game and still play it on my elite xbox because I can and it’s more convenient for me. What gets me the most fun in this game is the cutscenes especially after the first mission, “getting the covenant of the station”, personally one of the best scenes ever at the end, when i get the chance i will savour the moment of this mission

So many great childhood memories of sleeping over with my friends & pulling campaign / multiplayer all night-ers. Only 1 nagging question remains, why were all the Marines in the escape pod dead on arrival, when they were CLEARLY in good health prior to boarding? Did the Chief get hungry?

Hope you folks don’t mind. Have a question about H2.

First, I am a Halo fan from the beginning, and the Anniv. release is phenomenal!

Last night I was playing Halo 2. I was three quarters through the Gravemind mission, on my way to get the prophet of truth. Something came up and I had to save and quit for awhile.

Later on, when I came back, the weirdest thing happened.

I loaded Halo MCC, chose 2, Resume…etc…and then it happened…right there in front of me is the cut scene from the beginning of the mission. I thought, perhaps it is something that it does in the anniversary release.

Then…I am standing in the part of the map in the room where the prophet says kill the demon. Not like it would normally start. All of a sudden I am just there. The prophets were gone and I was getting hammered by several brutes, honor guard, etc… like would normally happen in the last part of that mission. Really bizarre. I really didn’t want to do that whole mission again, and really don’t understand why it jumped around.

Anyway…what happened to my saved checkpoint? Why didn’t it start where I left off?

Also, I had already gotten the terminal from gravemind, yet it was gone. Not in my achievements, no mention of it anywhere. Like I had not played Gravemind at all.

Now, after loading Halo just now, the terminal is there, yet when I start the Gravemind mission it once again is giving me problems. The screen is blank except for my UNSC nameplate in the lower right screen. Audio is fine. I can hear myself getting slaughtered, but the lights are out… lol

What is going on with Halo 2? Or is it Halo MCC altogether?

no 3 was the best. just my opinion i love them all