Halo 2 XBC 2v2 tournament February 15th 2014


Will be held on Saturday February 15th 2014 & starting around 12 PM eastern time (EST).[/li]- 5 $ (USD) entry fee via PayPal. Winners take all, maybe additional prizes like XBL subscriptions, as we did last tournament.- Register by no later than 2/8/14.- Double elimination bracket. Maps are played in this order; Lockout, Midship, Warlock, Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower.- The settings for all the Maps: Team Slayer, BR starting weapon, no secondary, 30 minute time limit, Motion Sensor OFF, double weapon respawn time, no suicide/betrayal respawn penalty and rifles on map (power ups included).- Neutral host (superbounce/hiding places).

For more information, registration and changes check the link http://binarybeast.com/xHalo21401050!

Previous tournament: http://binarybeast.com/xHalo21311260