Halo 2 vista

I loved that game and its multiplayer, but i understand shutting it down, it was still riddled with bugs, and the ui for gfwl was klunky, halo 2 is am awesome game, and remains one of the best of all time, but the pc port was not done well be the people who did it (by my knoledge microsft did NOT do the actual porting). All in all i will miss halo 2 pc. I am going to move to the xbox one when i have the money.

Halo 2 annyversary its beautiful… :3

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> Halo 2 annyversary its beautiful… :3

Its graphics maybe, but the put metal in the music and HALO AND METAL DO NOT MIX. Its like tring to mix fire and water, the water (metal) extinguishes the flame (halo).

I didn’t play a ton of Halo 2 Vista, just enough to earn all the achievements. I do love Halo 2 though, some of my best memories were from Halo 2’s multiplayer