halo 2 vista sever list still gone

its been happening a few mounths and they sad its been fixed well the listing is gone again are the server shut down or is no one playing or is Microsoft having server issues

you do know halo 2 vista online multiplayer has been shut down right?

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> you do know halo 2 vista online multiplayer has been shut down right?

they delayed a few times your gonna have to be more specific

I would bet that no one is hosting at the moment, but I haven’t played in quite a while.

They did announce they were gonna shut it down in 2013, but I know for sure that people were playing online back in September 2015. Seems like that’s when the servers were switched off. I tried looking in the archives for the announcement post but I couldn’t find it. In addition, I tweeted at Xbox support about it last week and they said to raise it here. I don’t know what the situation is but I’m desperate to get those online achievements!

Yes lemme get the links…

This should give you games for Windows Live (I think you needed an update if you already had it before the shut down)- http://www.xbox.com/en-IE/Live/PC/DownloadClient

This is the dedicated server and update patches for Halo CE (For the link, Halo CE means Halo Custom Edition and Halo PC means regular)- Halo PC/CE 1.0.10 now available > All Topics | Forums | Bungie.net

Crap, just double checked and I can’t confirm about the Halo 2 (It may have been in the last automatic update, if not than its dead) Sorry

Just to clarify for those of you who don’t know…

Yes, Microsoft DID in fact shut the servers down in 2013. HOWEVER, they allowed the server browser to remain, which let people spend their own time and money running 24/7 servers for players.

The SERVER BROWSER is down now, in addition to the servers. This happened in september 2015 and is still down till this day. It seems like an easy fix for me, but I’ll be -Yoink!- if you will ever be able to find the right person to contact at 343 or Mirosoft Support.

So I believe that a custom game in H2: Vista will still work. A buddy of mine & I will be on Friday @ about 9:30 EST. Anyone want to join us? We’re achievement hunting.

Can’t believe players still on halo 2.

343 please bring back the custom games browser! There are many people who would still play this often not to mention the people who will come and go trying to get the achievements.

Halo 2 Vista Servers Shut Down

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Halo 2!!! :v