halo 2 vista patiion

help save halo 2 pc

When they took down H2 console, at least they made up some story. Now they just pulling it because 20 fans (if you believe them) are not worth keeping or something. Or those fans are not as good as other fans or something.

The cost to keep H2 PC online to a company like Microsoft is so marginal I cant believe they are removing service.

yeah the 20 peak is pretty bs

every time i get on there’s a hog wars game with 16/16 and two lockout ffas with more people than necessary for the gametypes

then there’s your handful of random hosts with 5 or so people

i mean it’s not in the hundreds or anything but still

> Petition · Keep Halo 2 PC Online · Change.org
> help save halo 2 pc

Good to see this is rising, I think it’s time 343i start porting to 360, remind people why halo 2 was the best.


343, if you kill this game I will never buy anything from you again.

Currently over 200 signatures, I doubt this will make any difference what so ever due to the lack of feedback from bs angel, although she could be pursuing other options for us and not wanting to get our hopes up.

Signed, this is the only way for Halo 2 fans to play online. Without Halo 2 (PC); Halo 2 dies.

it might help to keep spreading the word to your friends but i doubt it Microsoft i think is just looking for any reason to kill it cause like if they wanted it to sell the would have made it downloadable on gfwl market place its not

Given Halo 2 PC has a pop of 20 (I’d believe it), it’s shutdown is expected. Halo 2 Anniv. is were we must now pin our hopes.

Why even bother? Very few, and probably none of you, play it. I swear you people do this just to oppose 343.

i play it alot

I came back to sign this. It does not deserve this fate.

who cares about low pop

point is this game is actually good and they’re taking it offline

i have it but usually play xbc because i find better competition on there but it’s still bs to take it down

This really isnt the place to discuss petitions its just spam

I signed it.

-Yoink- you 343 your killing Halo… SAVE H2V

Was about to come make this thread. Glad to see its already here.

almost 700 signatures

and they said only 20 people played, guess there was a slight miscalculation

Now touching 900. KEEP HALO 2 ALIVE! The one of only two Halo games for PC should NOT be killed because laziness to pay bills!