Halo 2 Vista back online

Hey guys just letting everyone know Halo 2 Vista is back online with a mod that has been made called Project Cartographer, it removes the GFWL and allows connection to other players through the server browser. Dedicated servers are also on there and a decent amount of players are on this.


can you earn achievements through this method? EDIT: just read your response to my original thread.

no you can’t earn achievements as it won’t connect through with games for live

I want to play but i wish there was a digital version.

Aw yes i remember this, glad to see it’s still going smoothly, dont care about achievements and all that, just want to play halo when it comes down to it.

thank the info bro


Good stuff! Honestly it works way better than MCC too.

I would still rather 343i never screw us over and kept the servers online.

I think it’s really cool people are still so dedicated to the old games :slight_smile: