Halo 2 Vista Achievements

Is it still possible to get achievements on the original Halo 2 Vista? I know the servers have been shut down so getting the multiplayer ones will be hard. But is there still a legitimate way to do it? By legitimate I mean that when you unlock it, it will appear in your Microsoft account. I think this would require windows live to still be active.
Is it possible to unlock the campaign achievements as well?
I’d just love to know if it’s worth finding a CD drive to install the game or whether I should forget about it.

Did a search of the forums and saw another user post this in 2019.

You can’t get the online achievements legitimately anymore. Campaign still works though. If you unlock the online achievements TrueAchievements will flag your account. If you’re a completionist I would avoid starting Halo 2 PC.

I have around 720/1000 for this game, and it is a shame because there isn’t a way to get them legitimately. That number will forever remain incomplete.

I should have tried when I had the chance back in the day, yeehaw.