Halo 2 Tribute/Remake

I believe that bungie is so concentrated on trying to keep on with COD that they passed up on a opportunity to capitalize on the Halo 2 hype. They will never have a game that is greater and as competitive as Halo 2 and they should have remade it for xbox 360. That would have made hompty fall of the wall for sure. Halo is now a different game, although I know still play I miss those double shots and bxr’s no days noobs blend in but never in Halo 2. “Gone too Soon” Lol im out

I think a remake of a game five years after its original release would be pretty silly. LOL I was questioning what it would take to get some Halo remakes and I’ve concluded it’d be this;

Virtual Reality.

I think it’s inevitable that the industry will head in that direction, and the first near-perfect VR system will be the next Nintendo 64 of the industry. Once that happens, it’ll only be natural for companies to say “Hmmm…I wonder what this game would have been like in VR.”

I think high on that list will be Halo: CE. Obviously games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be high on that list, but those seem like they’d be harder to create for some reason. Halo 2 however…that seems like a long shot.

Unless they remake the entire trilogy’s campaign I can’t see Halo 2 being remade, and I definitely can never see multiplayer resurfacing ever again sadly. ESPECIALLY virtual reality multiplayer. Much too random.

So we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the future of video games, and all I care about is that Halo’s part of it. LOL

I would love to see a arcade version of Halo 2’s multiplayer with improved graphics or something like that.