Halo 2 The Awakening... doesnt work

Hello Community!

Ive read the first topics about the support and issues. The problem here, same as with a few other guys in the net: I bought the addon, there was no download or i an option to download something around the whole app. There was no background download, cause the app was turned on all the night.
In the game the first massage is an error, that the game could not recieve game configuration.After that Halo 2 connects to the internet. If i want to start a new game there happens nothing when i click on the “the awakening”-addon Picture. Only visible on the picture is: click here to buy.

All over where people have the same problems written, there is no reply from the support or other gamers. No one have an idea?
What could i try to do? Ive no more idea…

Thanks so far…


This should be in the Halo wars 2 support section, not Halo 5 support.

Assuming your talking about Halo Wars 2 Awakening the Nightmare, moving this to the appropriate subforum.