Halo 2 Stats Not showing up

My Halo 2 stats aren’t showing us in my service record. I’ve played Halo 2 on Xbox Live before the cut off date, but they don’t show. They show on Bungee.net, but not here. Why?

That must be new, because I’ve never seen it before.

Mine are showing up. Have you changed your gamertag since you played Halo 2?

Yeah I did. They instantly updated on Bungie.net but not here.

Looking at this post from the Forum Team, if you’ve changed your gamertag then stats from Halo 2 won’t carry over.

Hello BeguiledTurnip.

Sadly, The Little Moa is correct. Halo Waypoint is unable to update the stats to correctly apply to your new Gamertag, so they will likely remain attached to your old gamertag. There is no way to fix this issue.

With that, I will lock this thread, as the issue has been cleared up.