Halo 2 remake.

There should be a new halo 2 remake halo 2 would have been a better reamke then CEA i mean the original multiplayer wasnt even there so it was kinda fail to me. Anyone else think there should be a halo 2 remake frank o conner said it was something they are seriously considering but if there is a remake it wont be till halo 2s 10th anniversary in a couple of years probally.

■Frank O’Connor stated in a GameInformer interview that a remake of Halo 2 is something that 343 Industries “has to take seriously” and is “looking at.”

I’d love one BUT! 343i would need to somehow bring back the ORIGINAL Halo 2 multiplayer and add it as a playlist (Team Slayer, Slayer, BTB, ect) into either Halo 4 or Halo 5’s online play.