Halo 2 regret crash

Everytime I try to play the mission regret with anyone on any difficulty it keeps crashing the game during the prophet fight. This is the only mission I have trouble with and is unacceptable. It’s irritating we’ve done it 3 times now and no luck. It needs to be fixed in this regret mission, so I don’t regret buying this game or telling my friends to.

Yeah, this mission is broken. My cousin and I just beat it 2 times as well and it crashed at the end both times. I want my dang mission credit so I can move on…

I had a similar problem on Regret on legendary co-op on a playlist for halo 2 / and non playlist mission, game crashes when doing final boss battle against regret. Either in the progress of beating regret one final time when the game freezes and crashes or we kill regret and the game crashes the moment the cut scene occurs. Its luck of the draw on Regret in finishing the game without the game crashing on you. We repeated that mission 20 times before by some fluke the cutscene started and finished, counting the mission as being completed.

Just a heads up if you are doing co-op campaign, watch out for quarantine zone. After overcoming the problem/bug on Halo 2 mission Regret on legendary co-op, me and my friends became stuck on the mission Quarantine Zone where the game desychronized us. Shows us in each other games, but in our own separate games. Game still showed my buddie with me and vice versa, but we were in two different games with the other being controlled by a dummy ai which can only move in one direction and nothing else. If it dies, iron kicks in and we go back to the old checkpoint but at the same time the score from each others games still count together but in our own games we dont get a restart checkpoint if the other player dies in ther game. Only when the dummy ai that shows the other player dies do we hit a restart checkpoint. Update has fixed this issue from happening at the beginning of quarantine zone on legendary where you face the wraiths in the open field but the problem still exists when you 2/3rds done with the mission (before you reach the shooting gallery around where the spectre is dropped and you run into a gauss hog).

Since November we been waiting on 343 to fix the online co-op campaign…still waiting for that day to come.