Halo 2 Playlist on MCC?

Hey Board, let me start by saying as someone who has been playing the MCC since 2015 with varying degrees of success. But one of the things that pulled a lot of us in was the focus on the best Halo MP (Halo 2) remastered and of course the classic version as well with incredible maps remastered.

Fast forward to today i see no dedicated playlists for competitive or even custom browser. Is it something wrong with my game? do i need to install something? i find this omission really baffling.

For reasons we can only speculate on, with certain accuracy, the Halo 2 competitive playlist has been put into rotation. It will rotate in again it’s just a matter of when that might be.

As for Custom Browser support, Halo 2 doesn’t have that yet. That will most likely be coming in 2022 as 343i are currently focused on the launch of Halo: Infinite.

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I thought the MCC wad done with the updates. It just feels weird that Halo 2 was kept out considering its the most popular Halo mp outside of Halo 3.

Not done with the updates, but done with the Seasonal content. The game will continue to be updated next year.

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Thanks for the reply