I just dug up my old Halo 2 disc for PC and want to play the game mainly to work in the map editor and just play around in there (not really multiplayer). However, I do not think I have the key anymore… Does anyone know how to play this game again without downloading some sketchy files?

Thanks :slight_smile:

From what I remember about Halo 2 OP, you need to have your key to play. There’s no other way around it

Additionally, Halo 2’s CD key can only be used 5 times to install the game before you need a new one.

However, you can actually buy a cheap GFWL title on Steam like Battlestations Pacific and that GFWL CD key will work on any GFWL title, including Halo 2.

Not necessarily a fix, just a suggestion, Halo 5 Forge is a free title for Windows 10, that lets you forge things for Halo 5 and test them out! Perhaps an alternative if you just want to play around?