Halo 2 PC into waypoint

for you who don’t know Halo 2 had a PC port for Vista with LIVE.

so it had achievements and all that good stuff, so I was wondering why hasn’t it been put into waypoint.

I know many people (including myself in many ways) don’t like Halo 2 on PC and wish it didn’t happen.

but it did and I believe it should be integrated into waypoint along with 3, ODST and wars.

after all it still is a Halo game and should still be given some kind of respect.

Why, I can easily answer that.

If you notice Xbox live has just recently been refined enough to track pc achievements as well. Halo 2 has been out a minute and by my guess it would seem that alot of people would more than likely have to “Migrate” what has been done before they got gamer tags. Which means a conversion of sorts, and thats a problem as well.

Sigh the conversion really sucks sometimes take it from me I pc game certain games like RTS and Fallout rather than the console and I have a terrible time transferring the achievements properly.

I have brought this up a while ago and think it will take time to get all of the stats and what not onto waypoint, because bungie was the producer of 2, 3, and odst. Hopefuly though I am trying to get enough people to make this happen.

I’d like it to be implemented as well. I played Halo 2 PC a while ago. I didn’t think it was too bad. The multiplayer is dead for sure, but I was still able to get all the Achievements for it. It also shows up on my 5 most recent games played over XBL, so it should get some recognition IMO.

The game is completly ignored by Microsoft, as much as i’d like it to be put on waypoint as well, it wont.