Halo 2 PC installation issue

So recently for the first time in a few years I decided to reinstall Halo 2 PC when after successfully imputing my product key, I get this odd error message.

> Live Gaming on Windows failed to initialize. This may be because another Live gaming on Windows application (such as the Halo 2 dedicated server) is running on the same machine. Otherwise, reinstalling the game may fix the problem.

Now I currently don’t have any other GFWL on my new PC and this game isn’t even fully install so anyone know what the problem is and is there a work around.

Also I’m using Windows 8.1 which I heard its still compatible.

Hey, sorry to hear about your difficulties playing what I’ve heard is an awesome game,

A quick google search returned the same error on a game called ‘Flight’, and the microsoft support page suggested they unistall Windows Live ID Sign-in Assitant, or the Windows Live Essentials Suite, then reinstall it. However, this was directed to users of Windows 7 to XP, with no mention of Windows 8 at all. This is a distinct possibility that the game is NOT compatible with windows 8.1 dispite what you heard. You may wish to confirm your source.

Keep me updated.


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Deleting Windows Live ID Sign-in Assitant and reinstalling it worked so appreciate the help.

Now back to the land of nostalgia :slight_smile:

busca tutoriales en youtube…

Does anyone know how to fix that problem with windows 10

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> Does anyone know how to fix that problem with windows 10

Please don’t revive old topics thanks