Halo 2 on XBL marketplace

Does anyone else want Halo 2 to be put on the XBL marketplace and be able to put play it online with your friends using the 360’s servers.

I would love to have it the full game be put on the marketplace and be able to play it online. I never had so much fun and so many good memories on game than this one. I’m sure a lot of people would agree and consider purchasing the game on XBL if given online multiplayer option

Maybe some day. BUt for now, I’d actually be happier with Halo CE.

Same here, I wish we’d get some type of firefight option in the Remake as an extra addition to the game.

Give it Achievements and I’m so game. (Here’s wishing Waypoint recognized my H2 Vista Achievements, lol)


I play Halo 2 PC which is exactly the same as the xbox build and is played through xbox live.

But, I would <3 to play it through the xbox online.

They could make it have achievements since there are already achievements for it.

The only thing about the PC version you mostly find CTF on coag though

Yes, I do very badly. If 343i made it so we could play Halo 2 again on XBL they would be pleasing a large part of the community that has been asking this ever since it was taken off. This would prove that they care about the Halo community =)

I would love for H2 to be resurrected.

I just want a single player campaign and maybe online.

I wish it was on Games on Demand… it would be beast!!

Same here :), but we can dream though

They need to take Halo 3 off of XBL and put Halo 2 in it’s place, seriously. Only 96,000 players in the last 24hrs on H3.

I just played like 5 games… only 7,010 players were online. 22 (TWENTY-TWO) were in Team Mythic! 122 in Snipers and MLG.

H2 would quadruple those at this time. Team Hardcore and Team Snipers FTW in H2

the two best playlist in H2 EVER

More achievments!

Halo 2 was a classic. The maps were awesome. Other than when you first encounter the flood in the library from CE, some of my best Halo memories were playing 2. I played the multiplayer up until the day they pulled the plug and it seemed like the still had over 10000 people still playing. That love right there.

I wouldn’t mind it, mainly cause I never got to play it online. Yeah I loved the campaign, but I would like to actually experience what all the fuss is about.

Probably won’t happen though.



Have we ever gotten a good reason why Halo 2 isnt on available on demand? they dont sell it anymore and i lost mine. they could even be added to the 360 xbox live server? (prolly not but i wish)

the point is, is why is every halo game available on demand, but not Halo 2? i want to play that one too

I don’t get why people say they don’t sell it anymore. I saw it at the Best Buy I went to a couple days ago. Or you could buy it from amazon.com (got a collectors edition of Halo 2 for $10 in like new condition). or another website like bestbuy.com or gamestop.com. But the main reason you can’t buy and demand is because it isn’t there (for some unknown reason)


I think its a problem with the Xbox1 Emulator on the 360.
If you put Halo2 in your 360 and play the campaign, you will see a lot of ghost-shadows.
I think because of that, they wont release it on GamesOnDemand.
The campaign doesnt look good with these ghost shadows.

Buy Halo2 for Vista. Its very good and you can play it with your 360 Controller + it has 1000 Gamerscore.
Look at my profile and you will see.