Halo 2 on PC, please help!!

I recently had Halo 2 for my windows 7 laptop, i installed it and when i started it, it showed a problem stating “live gaming on windows failed to initialize, This may be because another live gaming on windows application (such as Halo 2 dedicated server) is running on the same machine. Otherwise reinstalling the game may fix the problem.”

I dit reinstall and tried many of solutions, i even manually downloaded gfw live and tried to fix this out but couldnt, i tried all solution found in net including catroot folder renaming, deleting files inside catroot folder and even trying removing OEM files.
After trying a lot of stoffs what i have concluded is that this is bug caused by failing of gfw client, when i manually trien to launch it i got “the client must point to the same windows live id environment as the windows live id sign in assistant service how to solve this problem” and i cant solve it.

Now all i want is some one to help me solve this issue, please!

Thanks a lot in advance for the help! :slight_smile: