Halo 2 OG Playlists

Any chance we will ever see some OG playlists from Halo 2?

Team Skirmish, Team Hardcore, Doubles, etc? With the same maps included?

My team of 4, who’ve been playing together since 2005 have wanted to re-experience these gametypes, but when playing the custom matchmaking with Halo 2 4v4, some of our favorite maps are missing. Headlong, Zanzibar, Terminal, Burial Mounds, Relic. To name a few. These were fun, strategic 4v4 objective maps in Team Skrimish. The only way to play these games is BTB and it’s not the same at all.

Would love an option of sorts to be able to toggle certain maps to be included in the search.

Agreed. I’d like to see more support for H2C