Halo 2 Multiplayer Campaign Difficulties

I am having problems playing Halo 2 Campaign online with my friend every time we go to join it goes to the loading screen then kicks one of us. Can anybody help us fix this issue?

-We have this same issue at the moment
-Ours is on Cairo Station
-After several app resets, it still kicks us

It was nice finding an extremely relevant post, that was so recent. Thanks for posting.

-I have had the same issue on Cairo Station
-One instance kicked me to menu
-In the other instance the app crashed
Maybe this occurred because I was playing the LASO playlist and the enemies fire their weapons at an extreme pace and it requires higher match-made stability to upkeep.

I had this too, but we fixed it by doing this. 1. Both of you have to start the level solo. 2. Immediately save & quit after it’s loaded. 3. Have your friend invite you to their party. 4. Have them press resume. It’s a chore but it worked.