Halo 2 MLG Customz/Skrimz

As the matchmaking bugs and all other game play technical difficulties get figured out, I’ve seen that customs are the best way to play. If there is anyone who wants to play competitive (MLG rulez) send me a friend request. I have a team of 4 who are down to run scrims/FFA etc… My gamertag is BHP Vo0do0 (the 0’s are zeros). Best way to get ahold of me is on xbox since I’m not here to check often, but I’ll try to stay active best I can.
Also feel free to add anyone I team with

  • Da BoSs 702
  • Weatherhealer10

Send a message to whoever you add saying what your down for. I hope to get a small group of people to get some good games in the future for some good practice. Excited to be back in the Halo2 days!


zDarkwind add me dude

Good player add unwiseskydiv3r
down for anything