Halo 2 MCC PC loading screen crash

Bought Halo 2 on steam played through most of the first mission but decided to quit for a while, came back later tried to resume mission but the game keeps crashing on the loading screen and signing me out of steam, I also got the UE4 crash a couple times does anyone have any solutions for this frustrating bug 343i’s laziness is really starting to piss me off.

It’s something that’s still being investigated right now:

> Game Crashing with UE4 Errors: We are still investigating this issue on our end.

Please do make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site: https://aka.ms/HaloSupport

thanks friend :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue please help!!

This issue just started for me with the most recent update… Never did it before.

This just started for me with the new update as well

I’m getting this issue on Gravemind. Tried turning vsync off, redownloading the game, DNS flushing…nothing fixed it.