Halo 2 Lore Question

Hey everyone, my very first post and I just needed to have something cleared up for me regarding halo 2’s campaign. So I never got to play the entire game, but could someone explain to me what exactly the tower Master Chief flew on at the end was, it was forerunner right? Also was it the same thing that sent John and the Covenant to the ark, or was that another foreunner artifact that was uncovered by the Covenant on Earth? I just need these small things cleared up before halo 4 arrives, thanks.

Yes to all. Not sure that they’ll apply to Halo 4 directly, though.

The “tower” you’re asking about was a Forerunner Keyship, which was originally located on High Charity. The Prophet of Truth took the ship to Earth to use it to activate the portal which lead to the Lesser Ark. It is unclear as to what happened to the ship after it’s arrival.

I hope that helps.

If you want to delve even deeper into the Halo Universe, that same Forerunner Keyship housed a remnant of the Forerunner CONTENDER class AI construct, Mendicant Bias. This was the “Oracle” which was mentioned in “Contact Harvest” and which led to the Human-Covenant War (since it revealed that humans, not the Covenant, were the Reclaimers to the Forerunners). This was also the same oracle and Keyship which spurred from the San’Shyuum Civil War and which was later used against the Sangheili in the San’Shyuum-Sangheili Wars, eventually leading to the creation of the Covenant.

the covenant were also harnessing its engine power to provide energy to the high charity city-ship.

all those book bits sound interesting, i’ve got to dig into those some time.

Anoyer note:

The Forerunner had some method of controlling slipspace access, and towards the end of the Forerunner-Flood war, slipspace travel was restricted to only the keyships for missions critical to their plans for indexing/preserving life, and dealing with the Flood.

Apparently, the portal at Voi (on Earth) was one of a limited number of facilities that could generate a portal to highly secured facilities, such as the Ark. The keyship was programmed with the ability to to travel to and activate the portal.

A lot of good info. thanks for that. I appreciate everyone’s replies